On a scale from 1 to 10

how good are you at controling your anger
how angry are you?

angry - 2
controling my anger - 3

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I’m very good at controlling my anger. I rarely get angry these days. I’d say a 9 again.


I been getting angry lately at my step dad for no reason anger level 7
Controlling anger :9

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I can’t do number scales. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

I’m a synesthete. I see and feel values/numbers as colors and shapes. So I’d come up with an answer like, “Purple square.” My visuals help me do math really fast, though.


This poll frightens and enrages me!

**** in a hat ********* *** with a ****!

Fight me! All of you! I challenge all comers to a duel!



I rarely become very angry lately.
I’m pretty heavily medicated.

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I am rarely angry as I let others be angry for me. As an example I am a real pokey driver so the redneck in a rusted pick-up with no exhaust system pushes the pedal to the floor after it passes me or I turn.



I don’t really have any anger that needs to be controlled. Sometimes I get frustrated at things, but that is different.

I’m angrier more often recently, probably coz of the pain coupled with the lack of mobility, I’m developing a real short fuse. I don’t know what the problem is with doctors, but this is my first surgery and the pain meds they gave might as well be Wint-O-Green mints. Is there some prevailing wisdom that says “Don’t give patients real painkillers”? It’s not like I bumped my elbow, I had a freakin’ hip replacement. Now see, I’m getting all pissed off again. Sh*t.

I seethw it rage very rarely. That’s the most anger I tend to feel unless something major happens that’s an injustice. I guess my answer is at a 2 as in I rarely feel it but when I do it’s more like a 6. Controlling is an 8 or so.

Depends really. There are times where I feel like I’ve been pushed too far and I get angry.

I think what a lot of people miss is that if you are holding your tongue for a long time, it gets harder and harder to remain silent. Eventually you let go and burst into flames.

My issues with anger are when I have been put into situations where I am expected to say nothing and not complain over things that were clearly hurtful or disrespectful to me, and eventually I just have enough and blow up.

Resistance/resilience is tiring and the longer you resist something the harder it gets to remain resisting. Many think of anger as a bucket that is filling up with water every time you get angry. But I also think of patience as a jug of water that can be diminished and diminished until you have nothing left to extinguish your anger with.

I’m good at controlling my anger, but it comes back to bite me if I don’t let it out. I’d rather not have to control it.
3, sometimes angry, and 8 good at controlling it

how angry 5
controlling anger 6

Probably a seven or so. I dont get too angry.

My anger is about a 3. My control, luckily, is about a 3 too.

Before adequate meds, my anger was about a 10 and my control was about a 1. I was like that for many, miserable years.

I don’t get angry anymore

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