On A Low Budget This Year

Times are tuff here, have cut back on everything, but it seems you save 50 in a month and you get a bill in the mail wanting it, it is a no win.

Things are slow here, lot’s of people out of work

How is it for you?


I have a appointee, I failed the capacity assessment with the psychologist so they say I lack capacity when money so social services manage my money.

I get £550 a month personal allowance. Out of this my I spend £60 a month on my mobile phone and insurance. I have £50 a week for food and coffee’s out. I have £50 a month for miscellaneous stuff. I’m able to save £240 a month.

My appointee pays all my bills. This comes to around £160 a month. The rest of my disability benefits my appointee saves which is around £590 a month. He pays direct for any holidays I want or if I want a new computer.


Low budget here too, though its mostly because I want to go shopping most of spring.


Christmas hurt a bit plus I screwed up some paperwork. Hoping it is solved soon.


Hang in there matey. It’s the same over here. Lots of crazy construction from investment money but it is slowing down and will burst sometime. You just can’t have continual growth so it’s getting worse. Less full time jobs and more casual / contract work. The old big employers like the government aren’t hiring and laying off people.

Keep your head above water and research any help you could get. I know that over here unemployment and other payments are absolute rubbish but there’s still help with food and things like transport if needed.


I hope some work picks up for you.

I live on a very low budget.

Keep on trucking…


I hear ya man. My wife has had one small raise in the last eight years and this year the goverment is demanding her wages be rolled back. This is at the same time they’ve caused a bunch of our bills to go up. Not even cost of living increases. Now we’ve got that @#$%ing stupid carbon tax back as well, which doesn’t help. I’m afraid of what this month’s heating bill will look like between it and -40C.

Currently battling the wife over making the kid withdraw from her RESP we established for her rather than our own damn bank account. Kid has a college fund that the wife won’t let the kid use. Dropped another $300 on the kid and her vehicle this past weekend that weren’t in the budget.


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I’m worried. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my budget. I don’t like not knowing. Just doing what I can for now and hoping everything works out in the future. But things could get really tight here pretty soon. I’m very anxious.


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