On a 1-10 pain scale

Using a typical 1-10 pain scale where 1 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain imaginable, what number would you say you’re at if your pain is bad enough to cause vomiting?

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I’m just gonna whine here so I don’t annoy anyone.

I hurt. It’s been bad for a few weeks sand it’s really wearing me down, mentally. I’ve started having a lot more hallucinations and PTSD symptoms. My doctor thinks it’s probably just the weather, but just to be safe she did some routine blood work I was about due for anyways. It’s all pretty much normal. So that’s good at least. And she increased my painkillers, but I have to wait for a prior auth from the insurance. :sob:

Anyways, usually I don’t vomit from pain unless it’s a migraine or like, very sudden. Like, every time I dislocate my hip, I vomit every single time I put it back in place.

But tonight I keep vomiting every time I have to move say all. And of course now I’m starting to get a migraine from it, so I’m over here sipping on my salt water, but can’t get enough in to be very useful. :sob:

I’m sorry you have to deal with this, but I’m afraid your sample size is too broad. There are so many different types of pain, and they’re all so variegated, that it is hard to quantify one particular type of pain. I don’t doubt your suffering, though. No painkillers, that’s rough. I hope you get well.

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No, I know the sample size is broad. I was more just curious how bad other people’s pain is when it starts to cause them to vomit. Or of they’ve not experienced that, their best guess.

For me it’s almost always a 9. Anything worse and I’m usually unconscious.

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