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Her book’s deal with themes of power and master enslave and they’re really intense on a cerebral level but they’re also enjoyable reads their entertaining their intricate and fascinating worlds very cool writer
Google voice sux
I don’t wanna edit jt

Oh cool. Sounds very interesting to say the least!! Cant wait!

I read your other thread. I’m sorry about you breaking up with your bf. It must be hard. But if you can’t see a future with him you then it’s the right thing to do. I feel for you. It hurts!

Yeah it does hurt. But ive felt this way for a couple weeks at least. A red flag popped up that is just a deal breaker for me. Also realized i still have some issues to work through, myself.

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Better take care of yourself first. :wink:

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Oh i will. Been doing what i can, when i can. How you been speedy?

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Yeah, I’m doing fine. I’m still waiting for the sleep- doctor to contact me so I can get a breathing machine (CPAP) for when I sleep. But I’m afraid it will take some time. They said on the news that the hospitals ran out of machines. I really hope I don’t need to wait the whole summer or the whole year or perhaps then some more. I haven’t had a good night’s of sleep for a long time.

I just recently got a cpap. Still getting used to it. Cause i sleep terribly without it. Was gonna use it tonight but im wide awake. May use it when i get tired later.

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So you know how it is? Ha ha!

Yeah, better get used to using it. It’s dangerous to suffer from bad sleep if you are driving or doing something important.

The weather is getting better. The sun is shining! It’s +15c and the temperature is rising. It was a long and cold winter here in Sweden. They are predicting a very hot summer. Everyone is complaining but I enjoy it.

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Yes, I know how it is for sure. My sleep is just erratic nowadays. It’s 3:26a here now. Lol.

I’m glad the weather is improving for you. It’s been nice here in Kansas, USA. I don’t do well in the heat though, thanks meds!!

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I think my delusion is rearing it’s head again. You can even tell by how I have decorated some aspects of my apartment. Plus I have the tattoos(got when psychotic) that tie it to me always. The feeling of importance gets me sometimes. You know, the I’m special feeling.

I asked Drumbo on FB
about the point in his book
that says that captain had
admitted he had paranoid sz,
so I asked how could captain
cope without meds.

Went back into depressive sleep mode until 5p. It feels like I’m beginning to drown again. But I have a friend coming over so that should help. Been coping with music.

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Good morning guys!

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Morning Om! How’s it going?


Just woke up.
Fine. You?

Hoping sleep finds me soon. Rough day. Took prn, fingers crossed.

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You have symptoms?
What PRN do you take?

Yeah, symptoms tonight. I take 5mg of Zyprexa for agitation.

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Good morning.

Just wanted to say hi!

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