Om's madhouse #999

Don’t upload vidoes that will make
mods lock this thread.
Every time I have uploaded about matrix,
it has been locked.

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I smell incense out of nowhere.
I sense the present of a being.

Good morning guys!


Good morning! What are you up to today om??

I myself got a new phono amp so I’m going to test if the sound quality improves on my vinylplayer.

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Nice. I like vinyls. I have some.
Today I’m gonna have the
second dose of pfizer

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That’s great! I myself am going to wait to get the shot.

How are your symptoms today? I myself am feeling fine today, a little bit voices but not much.

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I have eloquent voices since last night.

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Voices make my front lobe shine

Good morning guys!!

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Any IRA today?

I’m obsessed again about the actors/robots/zombies.

Sometimes I want to quit meds,
but then i am a coward, afraid of
the consequences.

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Doesn’t make you a coward. Makes you smart/aware if you ask me.


You think so?
Is it the best for me?

Sometimes i feel
that meds are poison.

They made me fat.

You could try giving them up so long as you are in a secure, safe environment. I feel like Aps can cause some symptoms too.

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Aps made me fat, extremely fat.


I don’t think meds are poison. I remember what you were like off meds. As well as on high dosages. Crazy dosages. I do believe you’re better off with them. I know for a fact I am.

You can speak best for yourself

But psychosis, it seems the primary way to treat it is antipsychotics. It’s like clockwork how it works for me. Soooo well. All antipsychotics work for me. Some have side effects more than others though. That’s why abilify is best for me. Fewest side effects.

You’re on clozapine??? I was but gained a lot of weight too. It’s easy to lose insight on meds. I’ve gone off them enough times to know I need them though. I hope you do continue your meds om although you’d still be a friend if you went off them ;). Just I’d be a worried friend.

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I never gained weight on them luckily, but I’ve heard of people gaining 20-40kg in like 6 months.

I don’t think it’s worth it cutting years off life with all of the side effects, and the possible metabolic syndrome, diabetes etc.

If you have full sz symptoms on meds, maybe no meds won’t make a difference.

I don’t believe ‘chemical inbalance’ can cause sz. Maybe short term, if someone takes drugs or has a brain injury, or even insomnia. But most people have other life/social issues that would definitely be the root cause of sz symptoms.

If you aren’t paranoid, maybe ease into going to the park with your family.

Also if you are seeing signs and symbols everywhere, or having paranoia, maybe it is because you could have ASD? Worth getting a test done.

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I just had the second pfizer.
They asked if i take other meds,
I said antipsychotics, they said it’s fine.

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What’s that?
I have sz

Good morning guys!

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