Om's Madhouse 3


like now I got 14:14


Me too. But I don’t think about it


Been voice free for 7! Weeks, sorry to keep mentioning that


@Italy2010 I guess the guy was into 18 year old females. It still frightens me to think of it.


You’re so lucky.


Peeping Tom. 1516155


“you have to pay, you pervert”


My father wants me to go to a nutritionist. It’s not a bad idea


The schizophrenic brother of a friend, went to nutritionist and lost 20kg in one and a half month


My day for akathisia, but least it’s mild. Have to try to drop off latuda for today and see if it goes away. Hate this leg pumping


You should take a med for akathisia


Got cogentin 0.5mg, but it has no effect yet


Who prescribed it? Your psychiatrist?


psych 5555555555


shaking legs like dogs tail. trying to criss cross and sometimes helps


I didn’t took meds since xmas 2018. 4 weeks ago i am back on meds. I enjoyed the ride. Even an alien in form of spock approached me. I invited him for a game of rubics cub. I know he is around and teaches me all kinds. Hope my head doesn’t explode or implode. Thanks god for my ears to let steam out.:slight_smile:


I get rides even with meds. Mind just gets over creative sometimes


Invega injection probably will kill all rides from now on


I take Clopixol Injection again. The sideeffects are pain in the lower spine.
But seems i am compliant to the homeless again.


Do pain meds help?