Om's Madhouse 3


@Italy2010 true story…

When I was 18, I moved to my own apartment. I only had window sheers, and didn’t have a phone installed yet. I took my mattress into the living room, by the ac. I looked up, at the window. A man was looking in at me.

My Mom showed up within 3 mins. She said she had a horrible feeling about me. I don’t know how she knew, but I’m glad she showed up.


It’s a mother’s intuition, its amazing isn’t it? Good on your mum. My mum can always tell when something isn’t right with me simply from my body language, and she’s always right. Who was the weirdo guy in the end?


@Italy2010 I have no idea who the weirdo was. My Mom made me come stay with her until I goty phone installed and regular curtains up.

My Mom was awesome!


Telepathy is a delusion, guys.
I thought I was communicating with my ex psychiatrist. I sent her a message and she said it wasn’t her, it’s my psychosis


That’s so weird. Who just stares into peoples windows like that? I tried moving to a new apartment too before, it was going good too until I started thinking my neighbors had bugged the apartment and this led to my first psychotic break


I feel like there’s something special about this day that’s a PI day. I’m not hearing thought broadcasting today anymore, but I’m getting lot of number patterns.
Also there’s my freedom day on cnn on PI day. I feel spiritually connected with this.


Thought broadcasting is when others hear your thoughts, not when you hear it. What do you mean?


Yeah that way around


I don’t understand, dude


Not hearing people’s spiritual-like voices but seeing number patterns


Oh, OK. But invega works, right?


Still having problems with shaking, but got cogentin for it and need more sleep


I feel like I’m recovering


I’m happy for you.


wish the same luck for you


I was worried I’m possessed with something, but at least medication helps


Yes, I feel the same sometimes


numbers have angelic connection so I’m wondering if something is influencing or my mind got aligned with clock in weird way


Angelic connection?


like 11:11. I keep getting these equal numbers now every day