Om's Madhouse 3


Great to see you back again @Om_Sadasiva. Who set you off?


Set me off to leave or to come back?
The guy that was harsh on me, apologized.
No problem. We are friends again.
No need for more drama


No meds since jan 18th but I was on 100mg invega.


Why no meds? 666999


The side effects were too much for me (low testosterone and sexual dysfunction). Also I had no symptoms since may whilst on meds and I still have no symptoms off the meds. All I have is derealization but it’s separate to the schizophrenia.


OK. But psychosis may come back


Welcome back Om! :smiley:


Did your pdoc recommend that you quit your meds?


Dark ambient


Winter is gone now. Spring is here.
Those dark ambient music pieces are good for snowy forests or for warm summer nights.
I am blank, and this music makes me even more blank


@Om_Sadasiva do you want to see lords of chaos? It’s based on black metal musicians before they went dark ambient


Yeah, lol, it sounds funny


There’s always a chance it could return, but I’ll be prepared for it, and will notice any symptoms signalling the return.


Pdoc was against it. But it was my choice to come off. My pdoc still suggests aripriprazole, but I said no. I literally have no schizophrenic symptoms so I don’t need meds.


If you start to get depressed watch out


Who believes in telepathy? People being able to communicate using their minds, I used to hear my old work colleagues voice I thought I was communicating with him through some form of telepathy


It’s a rational for voices and is not real


I thought I was communicating with my ex psychiatrist but she said no


That snow on the top of the mountain is beautiful


Yes, and during spring the snow will melt and the rivers that come from mountains will be full of water