Om's Madhouse 3


Nice. Is it in your home?


Ya I took a photo from the window


Take pic too 55555



Wow that looks sweet, your so lucky


Yeah, it’s beautiful. Do you swim there in summer?


I did two summers ago, I went snorkeling it was class. I think it was 28 degrees that day


I hear my ex psychiatrist:

"When this happens, what do you feel, Om?
Yes, we had talked and we had discussed it.
Now how do you feel?
I would never tell you to quit meds.
The last time you told me that aliens are spying on you. "


Do you use Om as your real name?


Are you having a bad morning @Om_Sadasiva,? Does the psychiatrists voice provide running commentary as well as those comments


No. I have a Greek name


No, it’s a good morning. No problem


You’re so lucky. Lovely view.


Stunning view.



15mg!!! Your pdoc is trying to poison you! Find another pdoc. You should try a normal dose like 100mg invega and see if it works the same as thr high dose.


Have you seen what meds he’s on now? His doctor needs his fu cking license revoked.

Sorry @Om_Sadasiva but I do not trust your pdoc one bit.


Om what meds are you currently on?

Also I know you might not reply as you’re taking a break…


50mg haldol, 60mg zyprexa, 30mg abilify.



I’m back guys. I was feeling aggression towards other members. I had the impulsion to swear and treat bad other users. Now I am peaceful again