Om's Madhouse 3


Did you see that black dot again since you last seen it? I thought I seen a bug on my chair but it disappeared


No, I haven’t seen it again. Meds control my visual hallucinations but they don’t control the voices very much


What’s the weather like there @Om_Sadasiva, I’m in Ireland beside the sea and theirs hailstones at the minute


Sea has some waves, but it’s a sunny warm day.


Do you have seaside apartment?


Me? I live by the beach


I’m right by the Atlantic and it’s really rough looking at the min


Do the folk on different Greek islands have different accents/dialects?


Yes, a bit different than the official language.
In Crete, in Cyprus etc


Man if I came upon money I could happily live on a Greek island for the rest of my life


How’s the rent in dollars?


I don’t know. There is a huge demand by tourists, so it’s expensive


Yeah me too. It’s like paradise on earth


I spent 4 weeks in Thailand once. Was lovely but would take the Greek islands over Thailand. The Greek people were so nice too


You just need doctor in same city


We have the value of hospitality. Zeus himself was the protector of travellers


My ex pdoc was in the same area.
Now my pdoc is in Athens


What happened with ex doc?


She couldn’t handle my case.
Whereas I was seeing her, I went to a second pdoc for a second opinion.
I told her and she said nothing. When I went again to the other pdoc, she said we shouldnt mix the diagnoses and meds, and that I should see the other pdoc from now on.
She couldn’t handle my big doses