Om's Madhouse 3


Did you notice any side effects?


After some months of risperidone at high doses, I had tardive dyskinisia: I was sticking my tongue out all the time. I couldn’t control it.
Fortunately I quit risperidone and now I am better than ever


Did you notice your tounge moving in your mouth before you developed TD? Also did you ever have any problems running, I try to run but my left leg always goes weird


Italy, thanks for the kind words. I’ve been in TX for 15 years and it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not giving up. Thanks


No never give up trish, never despair. What does TX stand for? Sorry I’m not that quick


Treatment… lol on me


Oh ok ha sorry :smiley:


I was grinding my teeth before it


Hi @Om_Sadasiva, do you know alien girls name?


Hi @Italy2010. What do you mean?


“you have to die in an RV in Bengal”
“smiling chirchiball” (chirchiball is a neologism by Thoughtless which means fat Churchill)
“the white cypress in Hades”


Sounds like your voices have high intelligence


I’m doing good today. Woke up normally at 9:00


Yeah, me too. 8.30 in the morning


I woke up at 8 but slept in until half 11. I am scared of what the voices will do to me when they come back


Maybe they are gone and they will never come back. Don’t lose hope


Thank you @Om_Sadasiva, I hope they never come back


I was voices free for some weeks but the other day they returned and were talking fluently and eloquently. Today I had few


Did you find that anything triggered them? I don’t think mine can get triggered unless maybe sub consciously


No, nothing. They just came back. No reason at all