Om's Madhouse 3


They are not random anymore so I can tell pattern and possibly fix the issue they talk about. Have to at least try to do what they tell if it makes sense.


Don’t do what voices say. You’re talking about voices, right?


People extra voices


Today wrote a birthday wish for my father just after they told I didn’t. I’ll just do neutral stuff


OK, that’s not so bad


Being neutral is tough bananas. Nonjudgemental god


My voices are taking one long break. They can control my mental health


Italy, how long has the break lasted?


That’s how I feel, but really want to get rid of it all


Of course they influence your mental health.
Mine too


Since the 22nd of January, just over 6 weeks! I think it’s the longest I’ve gone since I started hearing voices


Good for you. I have days that I hear them and days that I don’t


Mine made me feel like I was going more insane. They called it the ‘insanity spell’ I would start to feel very paranoid and get physicals, kinda like a really bad panic attack.


Yes, I know. Did you change your meds? How did they stop?


I think it’s because I increased risperidone from 4 to 6mg in December. I’m on the fence about it though I also believe the guys doing it to me are simply taking a break


I heard voices with 4mg of risperdal but never went to 6mg since the med made me feel flat


I haven’t noticed any side effects except for sucking my gums. I had a lot of voices on 4mg


Italy, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you. I have breakthrough symptoms daily on risperidone 3x day and haldol prn. Wonderful news. Gives me hope. Thanks so much.


Thank you @Trishhamby2b, I hope it lasts but I know they will be back, and it will be your turn for a break. You will be symptom free at some point. We are all fighters. Much love


I was taking 15mg risperidone