Om's Madhouse 3


When I close my eyes, I feel I download divine data. I feel a nail of light penetrating the top of my head, or a line of light, a jyotirlinga, connecting my head with heavens


You must be feeling lucky ?


Sometimes I feel blessed and lucky.
When I see the ugly face of schizophrenia, i feel that it’s like a punishment. I am confident and optimistic though


I think we can tell heaven from hell.


The simpson bartender and the rich old man are looking related?


Couldn’t sleep but just 3-4 hours. In real need of real sleep aid. Have to ask Tuesday again for sleep aid


Why you couldn’t sleep? Were you anxious?


Big change coming off seroquel. Last time nurse mentioned Ambien but doctor didn’t approve


Why he didn’t approve?


I guess I’m on so many meds atm. I’ll ask to drop off the invega pills since I’m already on injection.


Yes, if you think it will help, ask him


Woke up with muscle pain all over


Why? 66699555444


It’s ok now. At least I can treat that with pain pill


You must do something about sleep.
Sleep is very important for schizophrenics


How’s your day?


Few voices. Yesterday I had many voices. Today it’s better. You? Any symptom?


Still getting thought broadcasting but minimal. I’ll wait 2 months until I try amyloban if it’s not gone by then.


I wonder if it’s about dopamine levels since it’s kind of cyclical of how you get voices


Minimal. That’s good, buddy