Om's Madhouse 3


Have you had motivation with any med combo?


My motivation is better now, but still close to zero. I can’t work, can’t do chores, errands etc. You?


I’m tired atm but able to work


So do you work?


For my father in workshop


Good. I also used to work with my father to his fishing boat


When I disclose what voices say, they get angry with me, telling me not to talk about them.



Thx goodness you are still around. Ever thought that voices are a result of coping with intelligence?


Coping with intelligence?


No doubt we are intelligent. Intelligence got observed in human nonhuman animals and plants.


That’s right. 666999


I took a shower after a week and changed clothes. My beard is so soft and clean now


Something else for clarification? About breaking out of samsaras and everlasting life.


Today I saw 2 male horses fighting in our field…
It was epic.


You could have walked in and settled the fight. Maybe you did.


Lol. I couldn’t do anything. They were wild, crazy.


Thx goodness for meds. You aren’t.wild and crazy.


Haha yes. :slight_smile:


The chief function of the city is to convert power into form,energy into culture, DEAD MATTER into the living symbols of ART,BIOLOGICAL reproduction into social creativity.
Lewis Mumford