Om's Madhouse 3


I hear Goddess Annette who is the mother of all. I really love her


I just wonder what triggers these real people “spirit” voices? I guess I need my second injection next week to see if it makes any difference


I wish I knew…


I smell cannabis now. Yesterday I was smelling vomit


Once I smelt cinnamon rolls in the midnight. Other time I smelt our candle in whole house and I later threw that candle out since that smell started following me. It was like spiritual presence I could feel


I feel the presence of someone when I am at home alone


Maybe you feel YOUR presence? Lol


What are you talking about?


Today the voices were so fast and eloquent… It was like before big doses.


I keep on writing down my voices. I am on the 8th book since last 2 months


I was thinking of making anomyously schizo twitter account and write there


@Om_Sadasiva put in what a typical conversation would be like with your voice or anybody else’s! Don’t put in bits of the conversation, I’d like to see how elaborate they are so I can compare it to mine


Send me the I.d


I’ll make one today


They are fluent and eloquent and fast today. But I can’t translate them in English


Why? Are they in Greek?


Yes, they use words that can’t be accurately translated


Om, the presence you felt… could it be your OWN PRESENCE?


But I feel a presence of unknown being. How could it be mine? It is a stranger’s presence. It’s weird. I feel it staring at my back


I wear the same clothes for one week now.
I haven’t bathed, I can’t remember when I took a shower. And I don’t take a shower cos the tattoo shouldn’t be in hot water. But also I have no motivation