Om's Madhouse 3


Are you on meds?


Yes 6mg of risperidone, im not that obsessed with it, it just kind of makes me uncomfortable


Delusions are hard to get rid off even after medicated.


I still have delusions. You?


Just people trying to communicate with their spirits, but now they are mostly blocked


Seems like only highly critical thought broadcasting gets thru anymore


Highly critical??


I like it without the pentagram. The pentagram is evil. Although I don’t know what “Dark Throne” means.


Critizicing something


It’s a statement against organized corrupted religions.


That song is the same melody as the nursery rhyme, head shoulders knees and toes


“you embarrass us. You are a coward”
" you have to cry, with tears like fire"



“the call of Satan. You have to kill and to be killed”


Is that what you heard?


Yes. Few voices today, no problem.
I must learn to live with minor symptoms


I still get spiritual talk, but now they are trying to help me instead of being random. It’s like I’m medicating them as well.


Spiritual? What do they say?


They seems to try to get me rid of my sins. Especially my mother’s spirit voice.