Om's Madhouse 3


Twin peaks?? What is this?


It’s really good series from the 90’s. You should watch it


This video is blocked in my country


Do you have netflix? It should be there or in the torrent world


I don’t have Netflix. Anyway

#451 try this


I will print this on T shirt

#453 do you like this kind of tack piano music?
I think something like this would sound good as twisted dream music


Yeah, it’s fun 666999


I’m thinking of making it like schizofrenia type of a game where you live in dream world and solve puzzles


That sounds cool, buddy


And where you goal is sanity out of the puzzles. Maybe like word salads


without revealing too much the twin peaks dream sequences are perfect for “wtf” experience with it

#459 Thomas Bergersen makes me feel grandiose


I had a deja vu with this video


Still have some hallucinations, but doing pretty good and mood improving


Me too. My mood is good


I feel ok but I keep researching the IRA and paranoid sz. I now believe there’s a big telepathy conspiracy that their responsible for and I’m the newest victim. I feel this is a worldwide thing and the Americans invented it (CIA) I also feel they can control my mental health and make me programmed to murder :grimacing: :grimacing: :frowning:


It’s a delusion


Thank you @Om_Sadasiva sorry if I triggered anyone!