Om's madhouse 2


What AD do you take?



I take trazodone as AD and it has helped me a little


I also took a benzo along with my tranquilizer/antipsychotic.


The pill which contains both perphenazine (ap) and amitriptyline (antidepressant) is a tranquilizer.


So with it (perphenazine) I take 4 antipsychotics


That’s bad man…


That’s messed up. I know. I take 20 pills a day


I made an appointment with psychologist. I hope it goes well. She accepts schizophrenics


I hope the psychologist helps. I’m sorry you’re struggling with the depression right now. I definitely know how that is.


An other cognitive therapist said that cognitive therapy doesn’t help schizophrenics and that I shouldn’t go


Oh really? Well if the psychologist accepts schizophrenics maybe he or she has some experience dealing with sz that would benefit you. I guess it’s worth a shot, right?


Right. I will give a try


Today I’m gonna have my tattoo
I will upload photos


In addition to weight gain, antipsychotics are also known to impair glucose metabolism, increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels and cause arterial hypertension, leading to metabolic syndrome.


Until recently i was a vegan. How can I have high cholesterol and triglyceride? It’s the meds. Tachycardia too


@Om_Sadasiva what are you up to today and what is this I read about a tattoo?


Yes i did it a few hours ago. I will upload it later



Sweet tattoo! I want an Om symbol too but on my shoulder blade.

What does “aus light” mean?