Om's madhouse 2


“whenever you hear harpsichord, you should remember My Grace”


Goddess Annette means Grace. I didn’t know


Hey om you rap right? Sorry cant remember if it was you who said you do


I rap sometimes but right now just not in the mood or hit writers block or something. Om is Greek, I don’t think he’s into rap but he writes poetry.


I don’t rap dude.


Who’s your favorite rappers out right now @KevonThePoet

I liked Joyner Lucas but rooted for Tory lanez to outdo him.

I like a lot but some that stick out for me is this guy YBN Cordae. Hopsin, logic, all the old school rappers still making songs. Drake, Kanye, even tekashi69 I like.


Umm i dont really listen to anything current but i like styles p, the old eminimen stuff, jadakiss, lupe

Im making an instrumental if you wanna hear a sample and maybe join me on it


I love the Lox. Yeah I’ll check it out.


Ok sick hold up ill upload it somewhere. Do you have fl to loop it? Its 85 bpm but could be up to 95 maybr


I just have a cracked version of FL I dunno if that’ll work. I tried making beats a while ago but prefer writing and rapping. I do remember on GarageBand changing the bpm and kind of remember how to do it but never did it on FL


ok true no problem i looped it and yea garage band would be perfect for vocals! heres a demo of the instrumental although its not finished yet


It is a interesting idea for a rap song. Do you make beats and rap?? It’s definitely an emotional beat.

It’d be cool if it had a little more pop. Some heavy drums or something. It’s got a nice rhythm and all. You’re definitely better than I am with the beats so that’s all the advice I can really give u lol I know you said it’s not finished. Good start to it :+1:

I use audacity btw. I was just practicing making beats on GarageBand because it was easier to learn on I think. But audacity for windows is how I record vocals usually.


true true yea the beat is far from finished its just a concept at this point really, i just wanted to see if you were interested in the beat at all thats why i sent you the demo, so just let me know if you are! :slight_smile:


thanks for the love man


word. Interested in hearing the full version but sure I’d be interested in using it.


The weather is bad and I feel bad depression. My body is aching. My mind is confused. My antidepressant doesn’t work


hey sorry to jacking the thread, i usually make my best music when im having a terrible day thats why i asked…


you have to let your sadness out man


Damn what’s the temperature there om?


I don’t know. Probably 15 Celsius. But it has cold wind