Om's madhouse 2


I wish you’d find a med combo that worked…

Piracetam is working to reduce my voices to almost nothing (more and more quiet each day), but I still believe I have thought broadcasting. Maybe when the voices are 100% off I won’t thought broadcast anymore.


You still have thought broadcasting?
Meds don’t help?


My mood is bad and voices make it worse


How are you om?


Hey croc. Depressed today. You?


I’m OK… You gonna try clozapine?


Meds help, but I still get some fraction of thought broadcasting with live stuff, like streams. It doesn’t happen much with pre-recorded media.


Maybe. If I get worse, I will ask my pdoc


TV sends me messages almost every day


That’s good man… Good luck


Hey @Om_Sadasiva how did the blood work turn out?


If I can fully stop thought broadcasting, I’ll let you know.

My “getting secret messages” frequency has dropped 80-90%, but now I’m more able to realize it’s just me trying to put more meaning on a message than it deserves.


I had a bit cholesterol. I also have hypertension and tachycardia due to meds, I think… You?


I think my cholesterol levels could be better but they aren’t terrible. How were your sugar levels?


Hey guys, sorry your experiencing symptoms :hugs:

I’ve been working on my CV all afternoon, it’s looking pretty good now,


I eat oatmeal to help with my cholesterol. It helps, apparently, because the last time i had blood work done my cholesterol was down.


I was vegan for 6 years and vegetarian for some months now. I don’t eat too many eggs or cheese. I don’t know why I have cholesterol


Good. No problem


I think some meds can cause increased cholesterol, as well as high blood sugar. It’s called “metabolic syndrome”.


Maybe it’s the meds. They cause tachycardia for sure