Om's madhouse 2


Have goals in spirituality


Yeah you need to overcome that, learn to do that , don’t loose hope, couse all things are possible ! You will never know


Read positive stuff! Talk positively don’t let yourself down


Perhaps you should speak to your pdoc about how you’re feeling. Better safe than sorry.


Now it’s a sunny day. I feel rapture.
At nights I feel depression


Now it’s cloudy again.


Bro youre a true rapper lol! “Rapture and glory and bliss, i’m caught up in quite a schizophrenia of a trip!”


Haha. Nice


#WokeAdvice 682837626


The cardiologist gave me two pills for high pressure and heartbeats. Antipsychotics cause high pressure and tachycardia. I need to decrease them


I take almost 20 pills every day



hey guys, what’s up?

i cant find my bloody cv :frowning: i need it for my interview :frowning:


Hello. Interview for what job?


its for a sessional support practitioner, i tried the same job at the start of this year but it didnt work out bc they were trying to give me too many hours and that was part time, sessional is a bit more flexible, its just my anxiety i am worried about bc i wouldnt like to get anxious if i was in a caring role.


It will be fine. Have confidence


i need my cv though :frowning: i lost it and found it again and now i’ve lost it again :frowning:


Hah I am sure you will find it


i hope so. i only have a couple of days until the interview :frowning:

nm i found it lol


“die, moron”
“you’re a burden”
“die, idiot”

Today they say nothing else than die