Om's madhouse 2


I have painted my home alone. With golden, yellow, red and green colours


I painted the hallway orange. Its bright but there are no windows so no light


One of the first diagnoses I had, was schizoaffective because of the ultra rapid cycling. Now I am diagnosed with undifferentiated, but still wanna die in despair and the next moment i am in grandeur.
Maybe it’s grandeur and the realization it’s not real, common with delusions


At one moment I am Jesus and Buddha, and the next moment i feel helpless and desperate.
Maybe it’s not schizoaffective but delusions of grandeur


I don’t think I have schizoaffective, even though I have periods of depression and hypomania.
I think I have delusions of grandeur and depression when delusion stops


Hello Om :slight_smile:


Hello my friend. What’s up?


all good iam drinking coffee while i watching impulse and after this episode ill sleep early i work tomorrow.


Nice. Good for you.


TV just said “you’re schizophrenic”. They ridicule me


And after a while “you are a schizophrenic killer”. So many coincidences


TV is reading my mind. Whatever I say or think, I see it on TV. Half of the day I have grandeur and the other half depression


Usually I wake up in grandeur. I feel my transcendental body full of rapture and bliss



I feel suicidal at nights.


Man stay warm hearted , be happy of life , why think such a things?


I feel desperate spooky.


Don’t feel this way , you are not… be realistic


You are interesting personality


In mornings, with sun, I have grandiose delusions. But when night falls I feel like ■■■■