Om's madhouse 2


Do you ever go back to the sources where you heard a reply or what they says in the place of that word?


I don’t understand. Could you explain?


I think they mean did you ever ask anyone if they really said what they heard


My psychiatrist said that I should record television with my mobile phone and thus see that it’s just hallucination. But it’s not hallucination. It’s real


That’s a good idea, but you’ll probably hallucinate the same thing on your phone thus making it real, it’s not real


I didn’t realize you said thus as wel but my subconscious must have seen it


Your subconscious what? I don’t understand you



Today I wanna die again


The father of an old classmate went crazy.
And he is 60 years old.
He thinks that his wife cheats with hundreds of men. He thinks that his head had a transmitter, or a device that records. Police took him and locked him in a hospital. Sad


Delusions of grandeur saved me at my darkest hours. The best remedy for suicidal ideation is grandeur. I always had and have grandiose ideas.


I don’t mean to idealize or romanticize grandeur.
But it has saved me.


I’m drinking the 4th coffee of the day and I’m smoking like crazy


I have the belief that Stockhausen was my precursor. I cannot shake that feeling.
I feel I am a part of his grandiose opera Licht.
Maybe it’s a delusion. But I feel a deep connection with him.


With 3 artists I have a deep connection, almost delusional: captain beefheart, stockhausen and darkthrone (duo) .


My new tattoos, soon


Omg I feel I am close to psychosis.
I feel the mustache moving in my brain.
I feel strange sensations in my head.
Is it a stroke or psychosis?


A few minutes ago, my mother said something in a weird way, and it led me to short psychosis. It was a small episode. The way she talked, it was triggering. It was not what she said, it was the way. It reminded me of a nightmare I had as a kid


Mood stabilizer like depakote might help if you have ups and downs. I’m on 1000mg that keeps me from going totally nuts.


When I was misdiagnosed with schizoaffective, I was taking tegretol