Om's madhouse 2


While taking 80mg zyprexa, I had voices every morning. Now that we decreased the dose, I have none. Weird


I slept well. No heartburn. I feel very well. I am drinking the first coffee. I feel i have energy


125 heartbeats today despite the pill for heart


Hi @Om_Sadasiva how are things going?


Fine. You? 666999


Heartburn again. Omg.


Not bad. I spoke to the health team and they are going to call me Monday


On Monday I will have the results of the blood tests. I am curious to see if i have any damage from antipsychotics


Licht is my favorite opera by stockhausen.
This tattoo I’m gonna have


I found a tattoo artist who does tattoos in your house. I am not sure if he is going to be as well as in studio


I know someone who had it done in their home, I thought it looked cool


I saw some drawings he did on his Facebook profile. He is good. And cheaper than studios


I wouldn’t worry about studios. They probably are why its pretty expensive to go there


How much did you pay for yours?


About 300 for the one above that I posted. That was over 5 years ago now


Yeah it was big and difficult. I will pay 50€, I think


That was for a whole arm though. I think 50 Euros would be fine and worth it for something that lasts so long


What you up to today om?


With decreased zyprexa i have less voices. It’s weird. You?


Thats good. I hate that drug. Not much. My family are coming round soon as I did some painting but I cannot do the bit near the ceiling as I will make a mess of it