Om's madhouse 2


Yes I see 11:11 or 22.22


A blaze in the northern sky is vigorous.
Under a funeral moon is majestic.
Transilvanian Hunger is epic, transcendental. Panzerfaust is juggernaut.


Well, I had one of the most beautiful dreams ever.
I saw my high school crush. It was so romantic, so lovely. Unfortunately I woke up


I would like to make love to her. Despite my low libido


I found her on facebook. I sent her a friend request.


My voices:
Goddess Annette (main) /Isidore (assistant) /Stockhausen (monism).
Lucifer (main) /Louisa (assistant) /Darkthrone (duality).
Plus Thoughtless, an hebephrenic kid.
Jesus, Meher Baba, Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


Figured I need to stop using imagination completely until meds start to work. Just need to listen to kind of speeches or audio books that is 100% logical.


Yes, imagination can lead to a world of fantasy and psychosis


Seems like it has to be neutral in content too so there nothing for brain to analyze. Started hearing self from atheistic/scientific content, but when I listen to news I get nothing.


Are you stable now?


Stopped hearing mockery and now just listening to news.


Good. I heard a voice cussing this afternoon


This is weird prosessor where brain analyses content and hears response or the same exact thing in different context.


Meaning? 666999



I’ll see what I get more


Getting constant responses from one youtube video. It’s like interactive movie where I say something and get short sentence in response. Lipreading just doesnt seem to sync.


Does it talk to you?


Yes 565565555654


Tv does this for me.