Om's madhouse 2


The main voices speak through their assistants. And each one has a type of music.
However, the main voices speak too


Voices get more complex every day.
It’s a system that involves hierarchy etc.


Goddess Annette/Isidore/Stockhausen/monism.
Lucifer/Louisa/Darkthrone (duo)/dualism.


If one gets enlightened, dualism is a happy game. And Lucifer, the Lord of matter, is as Goddess Annette, the Goddess of Spirit. No difference


It seems like I’m making my own mythology here. With gods, heroes etc


Mods, you can delete anything that may trigger fellow users. But please don’t lock it. It’s like home. Like diary. Thanks


OK, another crazy coincidence: I got in the house of my grandma and told her that the thing she asked me to buy costed 52€ and at the same time tv said 52. It’s really crazy


Oh boy, this is how it starts


What starts like this?


Seeing connections or signals everywhere


It’s crazy. Maybe it’s glitch in the matrix.
I am confused


I get coinsidences like that too from music, tv and people. Thought its like some weird brain simulation loop.


It’s crazy. 666999


Just hypothesis


Could you explain it? I don’t understand it


Neither do I really. It just came up with browsing


It sounds cool, though. But I couldn’t grasp it completely


Do you check time when these quincidences happen?


No. Why? 666999


I just thought cause I sometimes instinctively check time and see numbers that mean something to me