Om's madhouse 2


yes 34534535534


at least the voices aren’t loud so I can mute them with double ear protection


But you still hear them? I was hearing voices with all meds until I found a 3 antipsychotics combo and I am symptoms free. May you find the right meds


Do you get them in English?


Yes, sometimes but mainly in Greek


I think the voices in my head are my thoughts. The way i think. When i am stressed or tense they get louder and more intense. That means for me i need more rest or get out of the situation.


Do you get them in totally silent room?


In silent rooms voices get louder


Mine are just opposite


what I’m hearing feels like some spiritual extortion. I’m not sure if I should not respond at all or start fighting back in some way.


Just wanted to say hi @Om_Sadasiva


Hello wave. :slight_smile:


110kgs. Holy cow!!


Coffee and cigarettes are my religion.
They help my mood


So i have two main voices, Goddess Annette and Lucifer. The good and the bad.
And their assistants: Isidore and Louisa respectively.
Yesterday at night I heard eloquent voices.
But this morning I have a few.


“you have enough little stars at your head”
“i am Lucifer and I order you to kill them”


OK, I know it’s my broken mind.
My omnipotent subconscious


I don’t believe in devil. But my subconscious does. Weird world of subconscious



Goddess Annette (main voice)-Isidore (assistant) -Stockhausen
Lucifer (main voice)-Louisa (assistant)-Darkthrone