Om's madhouse 2


I drove with my car, and got a coffee from a cafe 30 kilometers away from home. And I listened to music in my car. I enjoyed it. You?


My new t shirt



Ambient music by Fenriz of Darkthrone


Star Algol for Fenriz
Star Sirius for Stockhausen.



What kind of med combo are you on now since you are fine?


Zyprexa 60mg, haldol 50mg, abilify 30mg


I’m waiting for dna test result to see which meds should work. Having hard time thinking logically. It’s like something is trying to invade my mind.


Have you tried many aps?


clozaril may be my next last option


A blaze in the northern sky is vigorous.
Under a funeral moon is majestic.
Transilvanian Hunger is epic, transcendental.


No voices. Some minor delusions linger on, refusing to die. But the heroic Zyprexa slays the demons of my subconscious


Today I drove again and had a coffee and nice music in the car. I enjoyed it. But when I got out of the car, there were two gypsies talking. And one of them said “psycho”. I felt weird but since meds work, I didn’t think they were talking about me


My voices decided to change language just few days ago and now they just keep attacking with mockery.


In which language?


from English to Finnish


And how they mock you?


Call me all kinds of mockery words


Are you on any meds?