Om's madhouse 2


Today I feel I wanna die.
Life seems so tiresome.
I don’t have motivation to get out of bed every morning



I need consistency and farcry is gone so snap outta it. “The madhouse” is needed!


Farcry liked a post of mine the other day. He comes sometimes


See you are needed! I miss @chemwex, too!



Do you feel like your brain is on automation? I’m getting this every day where I’m like half android progressing towards something.


I feel like this sometimes.


Yes, sometimes 666999


I had strange dreams. I saw a white snake getting into my house.
I can’t tell what really happened and what was just a dream


No voices. First time meds work.
And i don’t take the biggest doses, but decreased ones. Some minor delusions, still there. But I am better than ever


sounds great, I’m holding good thoughts for you.


“you’re like Caligula”
I may hear one or two random phrases.
But that’s all. I have a quiet mind.


I have these small episodes where I lose insight and get in a dream-like dimension. Especially in afternoons when I watch tv. TV lately is a trigger


What if I was not medicated?
These episodes would last for weeks or months.
I am so afraid of delusions


hello @Om_Sadasiva how are you?


I’m better than ever. I have no voices. My mood is ok, it’s a sunny day; that helps. How are you?


I seem to be ok. It’s 2am here. I just couldn’t keep sleeping. You wrote that you are afraid of delusions. I’m always wondering if I’m delusional and don’t know about it. They can slip past us can’t they?


Yes, they are insidious. They may be unnoticed.


what do you have planned for today?