Om's madhouse 2


Maybe I will have this on my calf… It’s the album cover of Transilvanian Hunger.





Believing that you are the sole existence, and that you are all persons, is a delusion?

#637 fregoli delusion, one thinks thats persons are one person in disguise. I believe that all persons are Me in disguise


Should I call my pdoc? Is it time?
After some weeks with stability, I heard few voices today, I have this idea that everyone is me and I wanna die


I just asked a journalist on her personal account of Instagram “do you spy on me via TV?”


She is a fat sweet lady. She is spying on me. What if I turn the TV off?


I don’t think she is spying on you but turning the tv off might be a good idea. Definitely talk to your pdoc about all this.


Now I already sent her a message


I am gonna treat myself with some white chocolate



@Om_Sadasiva I think this topic might be hurting you more than it’s helping, as you are using it to ruminate on your delusional ideas. I have done the same thing, starting threads not to escape my delusional world, but to dig myself deeper into it. It isn’t healthy. We have to think about things other than our delusions if we’re ever meant to overcome them. We have to let go. It’s hard. Delusional ideas are still stuck in the back of my mind, I suppose because I am holding onto them. I thought I had let them go, but really I just burried them. I think your delusions are still bubbling up to the surface because you keep engaging with them. You can’t engage, not even a little, or your delusions will consume you.


I don’t think I have delusions. Maybe some minor bizarre ideas. But I am better than ever… This is my journal of symptoms. And when i am well, it’s for favourite music pieces. Don’t worry. How are you? You sound stable


I feel defeated


:neutral_face: … Om you just said that you messaged a journalist asking her if she’s spying on you through the TV. That’s what delusional people do. No one of sound mind would end up in a situation like that. I appreciate that this is your journal of symptoms, but you are just digging yourself deeper and deeper, it seems.

edit: I feel good, stable, thanks for asking. :heart: I’m not trying to be a b itch, I’m just worried about you.


Yes, I messaged her. It was a moment of craziness. Now I am better. Thank you


Well, she read the message but never responded.
I feel ashamed today


I am so afraid of delusions. I live in another dimension, dream-like when I am under the influence of delusions. Without meds I would be crazy constantly


I ordered a t-shirt with the album cover of Transilvanian Hunger. It will be nice.