Om's madhouse 2


Yesterday my sandwich and my coffee had strange taste. I felt like being poisoned.


I am afraid to eat the same sandwiches. I have plenty of them in my fridge






I like an ambient group called brainfeeder (band not the record label)



Bathory, the band, took its name from countess Elizabeth Bathory, a serial killer of women


I think I watched a movie about her once.


No need to be afraid. No one has poisoned them.


No voices today. Sunshine everywhere. I feel blessed.



My favourite albums by Darkthrone:
  1. Transilvanian Hunger
  2. Under a funeral moon
  3. a blaze in the northern sky
  4. Panzerfaust


Im gonna have this on my calf


I usually have obsessions.
I currently have obsession with Darkthrone.
I also have obsession with Stockhausen.
I listen to music 24/7


Why do you have obsessions? And are they different each day?


No, they last. Don’t you have obsessions?


I have stuff I like, but I’m not obsessed with anything.


I can’t tell whether I dreamed of something or if it happened in reality. I am confused.


My dreams are intense. It’s perplexing


I’m having the 3rd coffee. I wanna die. I am a bit desperate