Om's madhouse 2


Yes, my friend. I hear them rarely now. You?


I’m good. I don’t get voices.


hi guys, whats up? :slight_smile:


Ηey, what’s up?


having a lazy day today :slight_smile:


Me too. I went to the supermarket. That’s all


I will have falafel and French fries tonight.



I get French fries with my chicken schawaffle wrap

It’s chicken schwarma with falafel

From this middle eastern restaurant it’s very good.



I have an appointment with my therapist for Tuesday afternoon. In 2 days. I have so many things to talk about.


That sounds like the best meal ever!


Yes, my mother made them.


I have an appointment with my therapist in a few hours. I can’t wait. I really like her


I take 2 anxiolytics and one antidepressant, and my disorganized symptoms are better.
I think anxiety triggers disorganization.
Due to suppressed anxiety I speak nonsense, do silly grimaces and gestures.


My appointment with my therapist went well… She also told me that I look better, as my pdoc had said. But while she was talking, Louisa, the evil voice, started swearing


What do anxiolytics do?

Actually dw I just read they are anti anxiety medications.


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