Om's madhouse 2


Yes, I am fine. No symptoms at last. You?


I’m happy for you. I’m doing great.


Any side effect from clozapine?


Drooling, Tiredness, Wetting the bed (happend twice). I haven’t experienced this in the past couple of days though.


The blood tests? Isn’t it boring?


Blood test isn’t a big deal. I don’t care about needles and half the time it’s on the same day I see my case manager.


I’m glad it works fine for you.


Thanks. Also I’m supplement free too.


The quest for original, raw, music led me to Darkthrone. Now I am obsessed with them.


Thanks to YouTube Downloader I have many precious music pieces. I’m grateful


I tried to walk today. I run out of breath.
I really need to lose 15kgs. Since I started antipsychotics, I have gained weight without eating much


I smell my fragrant soul. It is beautiful


I’m gonna have this on my arm in a few hours. I will take a photo of my tattoo and I will upload it as soon as he finishes it


How much will the tattoo cost?


100 in home. In studio it would cost 300€



Hi @Om_Sadasiva, just wondering how did you find a psychologist that accepts schizophrenics? I’m having trouble finding one


The first psychologist that I contacted was reluctant. She couldn’t handle me, she said. At last I found one who works with schizophrenics and I am happy


“we know where you live”
“we will slay you”
Now they threat me


Did the voices say that?