Om's madhouse 2


I saw you posted on Reddit, I upvoted it for you.

How is your day?


I’m fine. Few voices. You?


A bit paranoid but OK. I won’t call my pdoc.
I will face it and control it. I don’t want to increase meds again. I am saner than ever. I think so. Not sure. Can’t be sure if I am delusional or not. That can be detected by another person, not by myself



Dark ambient


I’m listening to raw Norwegian black metal like Darkthrone and Burzum in order to appease Louisa and her master, Lucifer



You’re worshipping Lucifer?


Yeah, what the heck.


No, he’s tempting me. I ignore him


I like the raw distortion of guitars and the riffs. Good suggestion by Louisa


Darkthrone is not satanic, but pagan.
They go against organized religions.
I like them.


I enjoy many genres. From pop to black metal, and from classical and baroque to electronic avant garde.


I feel these eyes on my back as if something will appear suddenly and touch me on my shoulder.


I cut my leg while shaving for the tattoo tomorrow. Now it’s a scar. I won’t have it there until it heals, I guess. Maybe on the arm.


Probably this on my arm


Fenriz, drummer of Darkthrone, really cool guy




What’s up @Om_Sadasiva? Are you doing alright?