Om's madhouse 2


Grandiose music.
Fragments of national anthems, with electronics


I’m gonna have this on my calf


Voices tell me that I am gifted and that hearing voices is a extraordinary gift.
That comes with the drawback of negative voices, evil ones that keep telling me to die, you ■■■■■■■, you moron, you need to die, you are disgusting



OK, my publisher wants to make the next step and publish my schizophrenic poem.
He said i must meet him face to face for the details. But I am so bored to meet him. I wish it could be done via phone or email


Well, I feel that they are watching only in my house. Not outside. Wtf?


I feel their eyes on my back. I have a weird sensation on my back


Yesterday a car was passing by, and I thought they would kidnap me. So I ran to my house. I am afraid of cars at night


I’m told the most incredible things during the periods where my nice voice talks. Usually not to worry, that everything is taken care of, and that life never really ends even at death. Also that I’m forgiven for anything I’ve done, and that I have “zero destructive potential.”

I hate the mean ones though. I’m envious of the people who call themselves "medium"s because they seem to have kind voices and no mean ones. If the only voice i heard was the nice one, I’d feel enlightened without ever being afraid.

Hope you’re doing well Om!


Thank you, my friend. Hope you’re OK too





Why am i here?
My partner gave me the answer.
-cause i love you
Asking the question"why we are here?" to the universe the answer is
We are loved.
Thinking it makes me happy. The creator ask back
Aren’t you satisfied/happy?


I feel the love but I also feel paranoid from time to time.


I read in a book some holy man are glad to have a disease as that keeps them occupied.


Yes, after all it’s fun if you have humour and face things with humour


I prefer the old meaning of paranoia, the ancient Greek meaning, crazy, out of your mind.
Nowadays it means the persecutory delusions


I am glad i am not outcast to our local cemetery like in ancient times.
Certainly our modern time has advantages and disadvantages.:grin::grin:


rakṣa mam/ pāhi mam
Protect me/maintain me.
Thus Caitanya Mahaprabhu sings in my mind


I still have deja vus in spite of Lamictal, but they are milder and shorter.