Om's madhouse 2


Thats a good idea. Sounds like lowering the dose is causing some more delusions


We had to try to see if my hypertension and tachycardia is linked to antipsychotics


I just called my pdoc. He increased my antidepressant and antipsychotic.


Now I have energy, I dance, and shout and say gibberish and make grimaces and hand gestures. Mr Thoughtless takes over. Is it hypomania? I have rapid thoughts. Or grandeur?


@Om_Sadasiva it is good you are talking to your pdoc, you seem to be a bit more delusional than you were before, but you still have us to talk to which I believe is a good thing.

What do you plan on doing tomorrow? I get my kids for the weekend and we will have fun times. Have you been listening to music? How are the voices today?


I had few voices in the morning. Then I was better. I got tired of listening to music all day long. Hope you have fun with the kids


Yesterday, with the first signs of Truman show, I called pdoc. And told him I feel like everyone is fake and an actor. He increased haldol a bit.


Man i really feel for you.

One day its increased, the next day its decreased, next day its increased, next day its decreased.


Yeah, decreased because of hypertension and tachycardia and increased because of voices and delusions. It’s so tiresome


Or is it easier for people who lose their sense of self to become schizophrenic?? Because that’s what I believe happened to me.


Yeah maybe. I don’t know


Now TV said about a character of fiction who thought of people as toys, soulless. This a direct message for me


Now on the TV: these voices are ourselves, not another entities. Is it God’s answer to the assumption that voices are real beings?


I don’t know why I think TV sends messages from God


I don’t know if it’s a delusion but I believe I was every person in history. Both Pilate and Jesus, for example


I’ve heard a philosophy of this. It was maybe a story on a forum from years ago. “You reincarnate into every person in history, then when their lives are all completed you’ve experienced them all, you become a god!” But it would suck to be your own mother’s lover . Lol I guess it wouldn’t matter you are equally every identity ever.

Ftr I don’t believe this.


It sounds funny


Hey om. How are you?


Hey buddy, what’s up? It’s a rainy day here and my mood is bad. You?


I’m alright. Learning a lot about philosophy and life.