Om's madhouse 2


Hi Om :slight_smile: If it is worrying you could go to his/her office, right?


We lowered haldol from 60mg to 40mg and I hear loud and constant voices again


Voices stopped. Thank God


I will have this tattoo. They are 2 of my favorite books: tejobindu upanishad and Ribhu Gita


I hear Lucifer telling me that he is the most beautiful angel, even though he is fallen. He says that I should worship him. And voices say that he is a Buddha that wanted to be above all Gods and humans


I walked today. It is a sunny day. I wrote it down in my journal, as therapist said


It’s really good that you walked. For a long time i was walking on the treadmill every day. Since this depression hit, i have had no motivation to walk or do much of anything. I have also thought about keeping a journal. I worry about someone finding it and reading it, though. That is what has kept me from doing it. Do you find that journaling helps you?


This journal is about my daily accomplishments.
I have another journal where i write the symptoms. It doesn’t help much


When I touch my left part of the head, it’s super sensitive and my brain hurts. Could it be the mustache of Captain Beefheart? Intertwined with my brain neurons


“kill them all and then point the gun at you”



It’s easier for a schizophrenic to lose ego boundaries, and self. Thus it’s a shortcut to enlightenment


Watsap OM ? how u been


Hey Walla! I am fine. No complaint. You? Are you still off meds?


Yea im doing fine off them hey.

Im having symptoms but im managing to get through them with a new psychologist ive found.

I used to think therapists were a joke lol, how wrong i was !!

You still on such high doses?


Yes, but I lowered haldol to 40 from 60, and zyprexa to 60 from 80 due to tachycardia and hypertension. A few days ago i met my therapist and it’s going well


I feel extremely confused and a bit dizzy. Like I’m losing touch with reality


I say “animals” and TV says animals.
I say “mission” in my life to save beings, and TV says mission. Also TV mentions Alogistos (Mr Thoughtless), an hebephrenic voice I have which makes me do silly gestures and makes me shout stupid things, neologisms, and do grimaces.
And many more coincidences. Almost every day TV talks about me or directly to me.
Is there a conspiracy with me as the only victim? Is it glitches in the matrix?
Is it Truman Show giving hints to me, the only protagonist and making fun of me?


Sounds like coincidences are happening again to you @Om_Sadasiva . You seem to be a little paranoid, don’t worry you aren’t stuck in the matrix and you aren’t on the truman show.

I am doing ok, almost done with work then driving and then I will exercise for a bit.

Then I am buying a birthstone necklace for my daughter, it is for her birthday, she will be 5!


Oh happy birthday to her!!!