Om's madhouse 2


Today i walked and i took a shower. Two small accomplishments in my diary for my therapist


lol i love how the title of this thread is just “om’s madhouse” like no playing around. This is my thread and some weird stuffs gonna happen here


Hello @Om_Sadasiva , did you enjoy your weekend? I was with my sister in a different city, was mostly uneventful.


Good job walking and taking a shower! I haven’t been doing either lately. Just haven’t been motivated. Maybe i can get back in the swing of things soon. Who knows? Good job, man!


It was ok. No problem. No complaint.
I hear less voices and I am grounded in reality. You?


I had no energy but it was a sunny day and I said why not?


That’s great, man!


How are you @disciple?


I’m doing okay. I slept late today, until almost 10:30. I had been waking up early lately so that was a nice change. I see my pdoc in a little while. So things are good i guess. What are you up to?


Nothing. I started therapy and i like it. I talk a lot and she hears.


That’s good. I finally have a therapist i like talking to also. I have had others who i didn’t like so much.


I told my pdoc that I still have hypertension and tachycardia. He said it’s not the meds but he lowered haldol


All my antipsychotics have tachycardia as side effect. Why my pdoc doesn’t agree?


In the morning I had 120 heartbeats


I wonder why he doesn’t agree. Do you take any other meds besides psych meds? Just wondering if there’s another cause behind it.


I take 3 antipsychotics, 1 tranquilizer-antipsychotic, 1 antidepressant.


Do you see a regular doctor or just the pdoc? Did the tachycardia start when you went on the psych meds?


I saw a cardiologist. I did all blood works.
I started noticing tachycardia when I had dizziness and I measured the pressure and i had hypertension. Since then everyday I have high pressure


I take 2 pills for tachycardia but I still have it


Oh i see. Well at least the cardiologist is aware of it. Maybe let him know that you’re still experiencing it if it’s bothering you. Maybe there’s something else you can try.