Om's madhouse 2


Licht is my favourite opera by stockhausen.


Ohhh cool! Not sure why I read that as a g since Im from a german speaking family haha


That is a sweet tat man.


ommmmmmmmm ommmmmmmmmm ommmmmmmmmmmmmm ting, ting


On I have listened to some of the staukhausen YouTube videos you have posted. They are good

Have you ever heard of aphex twin. He is an electronic musician. I think you might like him


Yes. He is good


There is another guy called Venetian snares. He is a bit more avent grade like staukhausen



Nice tattoo.

I ran out of Piracetam so the voices are kind of coming back.

I have this one young voice that called me daddy one time, and she meows whenever I read about cat stuff. Pretty cute, but when I think too hard about it I start getting negative.

Also last night in a semi-sleeping state I had a voice call me “drug-centred”, which I think meant that I relied on drugs to keep centred.


Sounds good. Very good


In semi sleeping state it is natural to hear voices. Why you run out?


I ran out because I thought my new supply would come faster, but it will come in 1 to 2 weeks, so I just bought a new jar of it with express delivery that will come in 1 to 3 days. It was $20 for the product, and $47 for shipping.


I’m going to the psychologist now.


Cool tattoo man :sunglasses:


Mate. I don’t want to trigger you but it’s all a journey.

Some things are mystical. Some things are magical. And some things are just pure, balls to the wall coincidence!

It’s a natural human process to look for patterns in things. For the schizophrenic that is often to our detriment! We see too many things that will trigger us.

For me. I like that Tao. It’s not a religion. It’s a bit of a thought process which I think describes madness quite well! but that is just me!

More power to you. Just don’t get bogged down in the details…that will do your head in!


For some reason I’ve read many religious texts and spiritual texts in my life. And like Taoism are probably 5 of my top 8 favorite texts. Just love their philosophy’s for some reason.


Good luck at the psychologist @Om_Sadasiva.


It was nice. She told me that i am high functioning since I talk and elaborate very well. She told me that I should write down my accomplishments everyday


And she was beautiful. Hah