Ominous feeling

Do you ever feel like something bad is going to happen and then you can just see pieces falling into place as your brain scrambles to make up a story as to what’s happening or why you feel this way. Like, it must be because I heard that weird sound an hour ago that had to have been someone creeping around and they’re creeping because I did this other thing that they must have been watching me then and sent someone after me and the little creatures that keep invading my head are the reason I’m able to sense it now even though nothing has really happened yet and I can’t see anyone even though I know they must be there.

But I’m still on my medicine so I see these thought processes and can still say that’s dumb and obviously not real even though a teeny tiny party if me actually maybe sort of kind of halfway believes it could be maybe possible.


Yeah. I can relate. Your mind does some strange things with schizophrenia but it certainly does weird things quite well…

It worries me most when it’s all combined into one narrative. If it’s all relating to me…or it’s all making one story then I worry. I’m not doing so well. If it’s just random then it still bothers me but I’ve learned to live with it even on the meds!

Coincidence really does my head in! If I’m doing poorly then there’s a whole backstory why it’s a problem. If I’m doing well…it just isn’t that important.

Hang in there and keep on the meds…for most of us you still get the odd breakthroughs and you can work through that!


Thanks. I think lack of sleep isn’t helping. I thought maybe I was taking Klonopin too often even though my pdoc wants me to take it every night, but the last few nights I’ve only gotten an hour or two of sleep. Tonight it’s after 2am and I’m still not even sleepy and I have to be up by 5:30/6am. I guess I should go take one and get some sleep before this gets worse.


Yeah I’m a stickler for routine…I’m up late and it’s 7:16 pm but it works well for me…getting out of that routine can often stress me and lead to symptoms. I’m getting old so some routine with schizophrenia is good!

Hope you get some decent sleep and you wake up kosher! It’s never easy and it is stressful getting out of whack with your sleep! It can make a big difference to folk like us!!

Sleep well and hope tomorrow brings you a better day!


I usually take nightmares as an omen for relapse. So when I had 3 nightmares in a row I did meds adjustment to myself. For example normally I take 200mg Amisulpride daily. But when I had horrible nightmares I took 250mg med. Then I had sound sleep again. During the past five years I did this three times. I won’t wait long and wait for the pdoc to do med adjustment. As a patient who has been on medication for so long I need to learn to look after myself.


I feel bad that this is happening to you @LED. I’m hoping its just a temporary reaction to stress and lack of sleep and nothing too significant. I’m also hoping you will be able to sleep and that these fears will be calmed once you get enough rest. Hugs and good vibes sent, hope you feel better soon.


Well, at 2:30am I took a Klonopin to try and sleep. Finally fell asleep around 3:30. Then was woken up at 5:30. Somehow little sleep made things worse than no sleep. Now I’m afraid to take a nap because it feels like something bad is about to happen. Not that I could do anything to stop it anyways. Sigh I hate this feeling.

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