OMG i have an art exhibition soon

Great art!!! Welcome to the world of being a talented/ potentially successful artist

“I get knocked down, I get up again”

Thumbawumpa or whatever

I’ve always loved your sweet art, peace ola

Wow that is amazing Ola! Great job !! Glad it went so well.

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Congratulations on your success!
May this be the first of many x

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Congratulations @ola You’re a very talented artist.

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So cool and well done to you!

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I am very goo now, thanks. soon the exhibition end and I will return to my studio and work.
It’s very cool when someone buy’s my work. see no problem to say “adios, chau” because a new work will come, even better.

thank you so much

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Congratulations.thats great news :sunrise_over_mountains: