Omg I am way too needy. Can't get off this website. Or a person. It is like I don't like being by my self

I’m just jumping from the website to WhatsApp.

In circles.

Not getting anything done that I’m supposed to get done.

When I try to, I fall asleep.

I’m a slight mess right now.

I know it’s the holidays and all but it’s always been like this.


Maybe a bit internet addicted?

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I was with my family and chose the Internet over my family a lot of the time.

I think I need to change something lol :confused:

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The most important thing right now is to do your work training. You’ll always have time to worry about your other problems later.

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Maybe turn off your phone a while

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I get spells of being lonely too. I don’t have any friends or family around anymore. I have a few that I talk to on the phone though.

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I am pretty used to being by myself these days

Do try and get other things done, but I fail miserably.

Spend most of my time online listening to music

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