Omg. Fennel seeds as an antipsychotic in rats

I tried fennel seeds once when I was off medication. I noticed I was very sharp and with it. I ignored it because it was a bit estrogenic for me, but now I wish I continued them because estrogen is an antipsychotic. So fennel seeds could help a lot of people.

This is not a viable treatment.

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It would probably not be a good idea for women to take fennel seeds every day because of the estrogen. Extra estrogen is dangerous for women.

It’s a phytoestrogen in fennel. Phytoeastrogens Stop cancerous estrogen because they take up the space, so there’s no where for cancerous estrogen to sit.

That’s what I learnt.

I’ve taken fennel seeds 40 minutes ago. It’s great. I’m so sharp. I’m not lying. My focus is great.

I feel like hitting the mic and rapping out some lyrics. This happened the last time I took fennel seeds. I thought estrogen from plants was cancerous. I’ve leaned that is quite the case.

@green is there any chance your from Romania… Oradea precisely?

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Thank you, I thought of someone else who Aldo lived in the UK but is romanian

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I’m from uk/England


Fennel seeds for male enhancement.

I thought this is funny…

Fennel seeds inlarges breasts in woman, and enlarges manhood in men. I wonder if that’s true. I just read about it.