Oliver Sacks died 30 August 2015

So strange

Oliver once wrote a book called the ‘man who mistook his wife for a hat’. It was about how sight and perception interplay. In the book , he spoke of a man who could not relate faces and sometimes misattributed objects. He once reached for the crown of his wife thinking it was a hat. The man could not recognise faces , yet he could accurately define features. And then make assumptions who a person was based on features. Odd odd stuff.

Oliver died of brain cancer , and a sympthom he had before he died was being unable to recognise faces. He mistook Oprah Winfrey for Michelle Obama , and he could not recognise Elvis Presley…what an odd odd intersection between his life work and his own symptoms before he died.

Good thing he wasn’t sz , or he would have made all kinds of ‘connections’. A great man…


Wait, you mean this book?

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Yep :slight_smile: that’s it , nice …

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