Older people can get self consious tooo

Yes today I moved my whole family to a new GP. …

grandmother is very worried about what the old gp will think of her… he’s been her gp for over 3 decades but she needs a decent gp who treats her with dignity and respect…he has none of that…i understand gps need to make profit but this one was taking liberties…She is 95 , and we would call the gp constantly when she needed it, they don’t care… at times we’d call out of hours services and ambulences and the gps would get angry… but we would not need to do this if the gp actually came to see her or at least bring a nurse…

my brother has not seen the gp in years and refused to set foot in that practice so i got his signiture and moved him too…

plus the parking near the new gp is better… and also wheelchair accessible so less difficult for mum to get her in to the practice…

hope this is much better :smiley:


oh i moved mum there too… and myself… i am proud of myself these past few weeks… its been tough though… :frowning:


Hey ish can ur granny speak english

little bit… broken english… she tries at least :slight_smile: she gets on with everyone… when she used to get out and about she would say hi to everyone on the street even though the other person didn’t know what she was talking about…

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Haha for still trying …good to hear that …my granny is 85 and she is very clever …

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yes these ladies are clever… can’t say the same for our generation… my grandmother knows most names of the family tree… i just know the imediate relatives… they have amazing stories… she used to have a pet cow… she tells me about her all the time…

Sounds like a good idea ish. I hope the new GP is a bit nicer.

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My grandmother…!!!


yes my nan has the same gp… intitially the receptonist said they don’t take patients from this area… but nan lives on same road so they didn’t have an excuse after i said that… plus once i get login details i’ll be able to book my own appointments and grans too…

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she looks a lot like mine except mine doesn’t have a tan and she is a little “healthy” :slight_smile:

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she once had thugs outside where she was living many years ago… she rang the police and said something like "coming my house theeph , theeph coming you coming 25 albert road (not the actual road but you get me)… they understood… cos they turned up in 5 mins… lol

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Aah what a proactive she iz …she iz brave actually …!!

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