Old writing I found

I wonder if I shared this on here before? I don’t remember. I was trying to find something in one of my journals and found this instead.

“The body is a costume that hides us from the world
The body is an avatar through which we interact
The body means nothing because it’s not what we are
The body means everything because we need it but also because the world is obsessed with it
I want to move beyond bodies, I think it’s silly
But as long as there’s money to be made from them that battle is futile
In my dreams I’ve had many different bodies
But awake I have only this one
And I suppose I’m ok with it
But at the same time I miss the variety
The body is a temple
But it’s also a prison”


I like it. It gave me a lot of food for thought.


Wow, good one Anna !

What age were you when you wrote that?
I also wrote some precocious philosophical stuff when I was a teen, but then I’ve lost my mojo …


Dunno. I accidentally left out a line here about us also being dependent on our bodies due to us being animals but I can’t find it anymore. I wrote it a number of years ago.

Some of the stuff I wrote as a teen was just cringy :joy:

A little cliche in there, especially with that body is a temple line. I don’t wanna be a critic but our high school writing teacher told us to avoid that.

Otherwise interesting thoughts, how old were you when you wrote this?

It was supposed to be a reference to the cliche, as in the old saying is the body is a temple however etc

I dunno how old I was, late teens probably.

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Good stuff, tbh it sounds like college admission essay type stuff. At least my brother used to write like this when he was trying to get into colleges. He is a smart kid, even good enough to apply to some ivy leagues.

I like your poem. At different times I’ve also wished that I could escape the confines of the material world and exist in something more abstract. Maybe after our physical bodies die. I do believe in God and an afterlife. But it’s an undefined god, no specific religion.

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