Old wives tales

That a face should never turn red. How weak and wrong that is. Can’t even blush.

i used to blush really badly sometimes. now i just get red cheeks sometimes.

i hate it when that happens, its like exposure, so makes my cheeks even redder in return

At least you know the blood’s circulating! :grinning:

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yes and that my adrenaline is working well :sweat_smile:

do you blush a lot @chordy? :flushed:

Constant red flush is a sign of some kind of autoimmune issue usually. But blushing here and there isn’t an issue.

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No, I don’t. I saw my mother blush once (about her husband) and I almost went into shock because she was the one who taught me not to let my face turn red. Now, I’m learning not to be afraid of a red faced effort.

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thats true, maybe i should not be either. anyways being afraid of a red face will probably only make it redder lol.

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