Old Poetry from the Old Forum

These are three poems I wrote a few years back. They were on the old forum. I wasn’t as stable as I am now and I think that can be seen in the subject matter of the poems.


Downward I fall
Swirling, twirling, screaming, dreaming
Into her eyes

Bewitched I am
Whispers of sadness and madness
Breathe from her lips

Helpless am I
Eldritch fire feeding my desire
For her kiss

I've known her now ten thousand years
Each lifetime passed through pain and tears

Cruel fate will play it's part
And leave me with this shattered heart

I shout a curse to god above
For never shall I win her love

Never and forever mine
Eternal till the end of time
*My Dark Bride*

A vision, a phantom, ethereal, divine
Angelical fire and brimstone intwined

For she is the light and the night in my dream
And it's her name in the cold and the black that I scream

But is she for real or a trick of my mind?
Feverous fantasies and longings combined

But these are just thoughts born of the sun
When darkness comes they are undone

And I am but a slave upon her return
Yet I willingly offer my soul to burn

Oblivion she beckons me take her hands
And leave forever these sunlit lands

To feel the sting of the razor sharp knife
And release me from this miserable life

She comes to me now for the day is at end
And into the blackness we both will descend

She is the dark inside me
She is the voice that guides me

She is the blood that spills
She is the blade that kills

She keeps the sins I hide
She is my spectral bride

She is my end
*The Rain*

Quiet now but for the rain
Just you and me as always
Close and yet so very far
Harsh silences between us

Tears must speak my love for you
For the words lodge in my throat

How i miss you

Thinking back on time passed by
Remembering your humor
Oh the way you'd laugh and jest
Infectious and contagious

Still puts a smile on my face
Even today of all days

How I miss you

Night it falls and time is late
They're calling me to join them
Ever in my heart you'll stay
Until we meet in heaven

I'll leave now so rest sweet friend
May peace be yours eternal

How I miss you