Old odd behaviors that come back


I have finally decided that I HATE dolls. I really don’t like them. When my kid sis was a tiny little thing I was sure her dolls were whispering profanity at her all night. I did not want my three year old learning that sort of language so I actually made her sleep with earmuffs on. I would tuck her in to bed and put earmuffs on her. Teddy bears are fine, but dolls are nasty.

If she left her dolls out, I would try and throw them away. Last month she brought home a box of old toys from the parents house and three of her most nasty, potty mouthed dolls were in the box. I ended up burning them. They still used profanity and just had the souls of all that is nasty and bitter. The rest of the toys she cleaned up and donated.

Well Christmas is coming and the kid sis already bought some toys for the nieces and nephews. There are two dolls for two of our toddler nieces. These dolls are making me queazy. Even though they are in a box in the hall closet, I can still hear them. I hate opening that closet to get my coat. If it wasn’t so cold out today, I would consider going coatless just so I don’t have to open that closet. Out of habit, I’ve got the ear muffs ready. It’s funny to me how the brain instantly reaches for that old solution. After all these years, my brain is still convinced that earmuffs are the best defense against doll invasion.


I don’t know if this will help or not. Generally if something is new then it has not taken on the aura of the previous owner. Maybe it would help if you or your sis used the same cleansing as was used on the piano on the dolls. Also you could ask your sis to move them to your parents house until Christmas.