Old man.................)*(

setting here lessening to a old song on the computer , why the Drugs are wearing off, and my mind is free from its cage but the pain, so much pain. there isn’t a happy ending, just a cold shoulder, from the ones that love you. its entry in my life cost is so out blown and things are unfairly given, and so misleading coping with meds like abilify that don’t help my health sugar levels, balances hafe my moods. hell I have a horrible time walking a block to the mail box with bad hips
maybe I should jump off. or get a new body or get more Drugs. hell I do not know. thank you for you time on earth. Zen


There’s an effective supplement that can rebuild joints, it’s called UC-II. It’s pretty affordable, and you only need 40 mg a day to get proven benefits. It can restore a joint in 13 weeks!

Here’s a page about it, including links to studies.

It can be bought on eBay for like $40 for a four months supply.

Yeah. I’m on metformin for that now because of abilify.

me too and I am not happy about it…

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Essentially Israel is a very very bad place to live in.
Israel imposes a heavy handicap on about 95 percent of its population, with the handicap being of varying degrees of fortitude, but even a "relatively weak " handicap still very significant.

You ask , how it is that with the handicap people in Israel manage to function?

Answer: The genetic parameters of the Israeli population, in general, are vastly superior to the genetic

parameters of the global average Joe. Thus, millions of people manage to function in Israel with a heavy handicap.

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